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1. Be a spouse or permanent partner of a Colombian national.

2. Being the father or son of a Colombian national by adoption.

3. Be a national of one of the States party to the "Agreement on Residence for nationals of the States Parties to Mercosur, Bolivia and Chile."

4. Be recognized as a refugee in Colombia in accordance with current regulations.

5. Have a permanent or long-term job in Colombia, by virtue of a labor relationship or contracting for the provision of services with a natural or legal person domiciled in Colombia.

6. Having constituted or acquired participation in the capital stock of a commercial company in the minimum amounts established in the requirements chapter.

7. Have qualifications or expertise to practice independently, and the financial conditions provided in the chapter on requirements to do so.

8. Come to the national territory as a religious, missionary or religious in formation, from a church or religious confession, duly recognized by the Colombian State.

9. Being admitted or enrolled in elementary, secondary or middle school studies, or an undergraduate higher education program at an educational institution in Colombia.

10. Have registered foreign direct investment in Colombia for real estate in the minimum amounts established in the requirements chapter.

11. Receive a pension for retirement or retirement, or receive periodic income from a creditable legal source, in the amounts provided for in the requirements chapter.

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