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Our Firm

T&A CONSULTING is a Colombian-French law firm specialized in providing services for the business sector as well as our private clients. It has a multidisciplinary group of professionals who tend to provide innovative and precise solutions to the requirements or needs of our clients, attending to the principles of efficiency and effectiveness.

In the corporate area, our Company has extensive knowledge and experience in the different strategic areas of the company, from planning, organization, coordination and adjustment to its management, which allow us to advise from a comprehensive perspective, anticipating business risks and propending for the fulfillment of corporate goals.


We offer our private clients a solution to their needs, offering comprehensive legal advice and consulting in areas of Law such as Labor, Administrative, Civil, Criminal and Family Law, among others.


Our firm offers a specialized service in whose trajectory it is pioneering, oriented both businessmen and individuals, to comply with the obligations emanating from Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 "Protection of Personal Data" and its Regulatory Decrees.


We manage quality policies based on responsibility, professionalism and communication with our clients. Providing systematized information appropriate to your needs so that the service is timely and reliable in harmony with current legislation.

T&A CONSULTING , is committed to keeping all of its human and technical team up to date with regard to regulatory changes and administrative processes, so that the professional service compared to that of our clients is the most optimal.

Our Fee

Fees, an important issue that deserves to be treated with transparency from the beginning.

We will quote Demostenes ( 384 BC - 322 BC)


"Look at something expensive, not what it costs you to defend yourself, but what it costs you not to defend yourself

Each consultation requires a study of the particular issue in addition to the time it represents. Our professionals dedicate study and dedication to all our clients, so it´s necessary that you know, that each consultation generates fees, which are valued in each particular case.



I understand that with the provision of the personal data requested here, I give full authorization to T & A CONSULTING SAS for the effective treatment of my information in accordance with the personal data treatment policy that has previously been known to me. Which I can access here:

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T&A Consulting

 Legal & Business


Calle 2 8 N ° 13a-24 office 507

Central Park Museum Building

Bogota DC Colombia

T : +571-3001971
C: +57-3203605805

C: +57-3132923049


El Poblado Avenue No. 5A- 113, One Plaza Building, Office 504

Populated Sector


T : +571-3001971
C: +57-3203605805

C: +57-3132923049


Paitilla Pacific Center

Tower A - Office 1703



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