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  • Preparation and review of commercial contracts.

  • Accompaniment in extrajudicial conciliations.

  • Preparation and review of minutes of management bodies.

  • Legal concepts related to commercial law matters.

  • Defense against the procedures related to consumer rights that are carried out by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

  • Answer to petition rights and requirements of commercial authorities.

  • Creation, transformations, mergers and divisions of companies.

  • Creation of Branches of Foreign companies

  • Advice to foreign companies in international expansion projects.

  • Voluntary or mandatory liquidation processes, bankruptcy and / or business reorganization processes.

  • Constitution of non-profit entities, commercial, civil companies, consortiums, temporary unions, branches of foreign companies, company promises, successive subscription of shares.

  • Dissolution and liquidation of legal entities.

  • Monitoring of ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the administrative bodies.

  • Challenge of registration acts.

  • Advice on insurance issues.

  • Advice on fiduces and leasing.

  • Advice on securities.

  • Litigation (ordinary jurisdiction and arbitration) in commercial matters.

  • Commercial litigation, among others: copyright processes, challenge of minutes of shareholders' meetings and of boards of directors or partners, of commercial companies, restitution of real estate, resolutions, contractual and extra-contractual civil liability processes, cancellation and replacement of securities.

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