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  • Advice and support in the process of the Unique Registry of Bidders.

  • Interposition and accompaniment in constitutional actions.

  • Preparation or advice in response to Petition Rights.

  • Advice on selection processes carried out by State Entities.

  • Examination of specifications, support in the preparation of proposals and advice in the pre-contractual stage.

  • Accompaniment during the execution and settlement of the State Contracts.

  • Preparation or Advice in the decision of requests for direct revocation and in general procedures in administrative and jurisdictional headquarters.

  • Advice and Representation before the Attorney General's Office in the process of disciplinary proceedings.

  • Advice and Representation before the Comptroller General of the Republic, in processes of Fiscal Responsibility.

  • Advice and Representation before the Administrative Litigation Jurisdiction in processes of Nullity and Restoration of Law, Contract Disputes, Direct Reparation and Repetition.

  • Elaboration of concepts in the areas of Administrative law.

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