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  • Advice on obtaining construction licenses in different modalities.

  • Advice on urban planning licenses.

  • Representation in administrative sanction processes before administrative entities for violating urban regulations.

  • Representation and advice on procedures and procedures before local municipalities for urban issues.

  • Title studies.

  • Investigation and legal proceedings for false traditions and simulated deeds.

  • Advice and support in horizontal property regulations.

  • Legal structuring of real estate projects.

  • Advice and conceptualization against land uses.

  • Advice and conceptualization against Territorial Planning Plans (POT).

  • Advice and conceptualization in front of Zonal Planning Units (UPZ).

  • Advice on contracts related to the exploitation and affectation of real estate.

  • Advice on notarial procedures regarding deed of legal business affecting real estate.

  • Judicial processes related to real estate, such as belongings, easements, divisions, among others.

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