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Accounting and Tax Consulting

  • Coding, accounting and analysis of operations.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements. (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Statement of Change in Equity, Statement of Change in Financial Position)

  • Preparation of reports to control entities.

  • Preparation of Municipal and National tax declarations.

  • Liquidation and registration of imports.

  • Conversion of Financial Statements to IFRS International Standards

  • Bank reconciliations.

  • Balance Sheet Analysis

  • Reports to partners

  • Preparation and final approval of tax returns

  • Presentation to the corresponding authorities

  • Tax payment management on behalf of clients

  • Management of issues, notices or assessments made by tax agencies.

  • Fiscal Audit and information assurance.

  • Foreign investment

  • External and Internal Audit.

  • Outsourcing.

  • Advice and consulting on international financial reporting standards.

  • Valuation service and financial models.

  • Restructuring.

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