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Family right

  • Mutually agreed separations

  • Capitulations

  • Legal proceedings for the dissolution of the marital partnership

  • Structuring of succession schemes

  • Food processes, fixing, modification or exemption of food quota.

  • Succession process due to death.

  • Loss, suspension or rehabilitation of parental authority.

  • Child custody and visitation processes.

  • Paternity or maternity challenge processes.

  • Constitution or cancellation of unattachable family assets.

  • Constitution or cancellation of affectation to family home.

  • Declaration of adoptability.

  • Separation of bodies or goods.

  • Liquidation of conjugal companies.

  • Interdiction processes for dementia or dissipation.

  • Adoption-related processes.

  • Preparation of wills.

  • Lawsuits where property ownership is discussed.

  • Declaration of marital union in fact.

  • Claim of survivor's pension in favor of the surviving spouse.

  • Judicial declaration of death or absence due to disappearance.

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